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30100 Forssa, Finland

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All invoices addressed to Coolcenter Forssa Oy (VAT-reg.No.: FI22191127), can be sent;

1. By email as pdf to address:
2. By post to address: Coolcenter Forssa Oy, Sipilänkatu 11, 30100 FORSSA, Finland

Important! All invoices must include Name of the Orderer and Our Order Reference Number.

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Sauli Hakala 

managing director
+358 50 560 3114
email »

One of our company main owners, Sauli, runs the operations with solid experience. Sauli knows manufacturing industry with many years, and has an extensive partner network. As a company leader and developer, Sauli has a strong focus on future.  Decisions are based on well established team work with all company´s personnel.   


Marika Mäntylä

sales director
+358 50 372 6713
email »

Marika´s expertise is with the cooling concepts. Years of experience has tought her plenty of professional cooling equipment, purchasing, sales and marketing activities. This overall knowledge enables her to serve customers comprehensively. 


Seppo Koskenoja

product development
+358 50 448 8378
email »

Several kind of innovative cooling technology products have been developed and designed through Seppo´s computer programs already for over 25 years. Highly efficient and prompt work can be seen as completely custom-made solutions for our clients. 


Riku Reinikainen

product development
+358 40 847 0025
email »

Riku works as a product developing engineer in our R&D team. Riku brings fresh ideas and new aspects to our cooling equipment development and strengthens our 3D-product design resources.  Riku is also specialized in temperature controlling IT.


Tommi Ahtola

+358 50 517 4485
email »

Tommi knows how to supervise manufacturing for even smaller production series. Heavy experience, combined with great problem solving skills, gives a solid base for our production processes.  Tommi runs daily production process tightly together with rest of the production team. As a result our customers get carefully manufactured products.


Tanja Merkkiniemi

+358 50 550 0370
email »

Tanja is in charge of purchasing all needed material and components for our production.  She is also handling all incoming invoices.


Matti Moisander

after sales, logistics
+358 50 356 0987
email »

Matti is responsible for our company´s after sales. Extensive experience in refrigeration equipment and maintenance gives a solid ground for development of our service operations. 


Pertti Korpi-Seppälä

+358 50 556 3302
email »

Pertti is responsible for all incoming material supply and warehousing.  Efficient material management ensures customer deliveries in time.