Coolcenter Forssa Oy from outside



Coolcenter Forssa Oy was established in 2008 and the company’s roots arose from professional Helkama refrigeration equipment manufacturing. Coolcenter personnel has strong experience in professional cooling and freezing equipment, their design, manufacturing, and sales. The company currently employs almost 20 people.

Our 2100 m² production facilities are located in Forssa. Coolcenter range includes CoolCollect automats, CoolCellar lockers, CoolLocker cabinets, and Coolcenter special products. Under our own WineQueen brand, we manufacture high-quality wine coolers, premium coolers, and vitrines as well as wine cellar solutions. Our products are always tailormade strictly according to customer’s needs.  In addition, we are an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) for variety of different cooling technology products like freezing toilets and cold therapy pools.  

Coolcenter Forssa Oy is responsible for cooling technology design, testing and manufacturing of the products. We strongly believe in Finnish work and our own expertise in the ever-changing and evolving cooling industry. With our own R&D department, we can offer high-quality and unique solutions that are designed in close cooperation with the customer. We also take good care of the maintenance of our products. - Our operational focus is The Client.

To fulfill our own product portfolio, we co-operate with well-known commercial cooler and freezer manufacturers in Europe by importing their product range. Imported range is mainly sold through our Finnish distributors, but also directly to food and beverage producers with special accessories. 

Our customers include our own retailers, industrial partners, grocery stores, wine, kitchen and specialty stores, hotels and restaurants, architect and design offices, housing companies, import and wholesale companies and private clients. Our market area is the whole of Finland. In addition to domestic market, we currently export to the Nordic countries and Spain.