Contract manufacturing


Do you possibly have an idea of a product or ready product and you look for a trustful manufacturer?  Coolcenter Forssa Ltd offers manufacturing for various different cooling technology products.

Do you see us as a potential manufacturing partner for your product in the future?

Please contact us for further discussion and come to meet us. Our team is driven by positive attitude, we would like to get even more partners to work with us.

Please find below examples of our current OEM-products.


Freezing dry toilets

Freezing toilet is an excellent choice in such locations where is no running water or sewage system available. In these locations freezing toilet is the easiest and most reliable solution. To use freezing toilet you simply need to plug it in to a socket. It is hygienic and odorless. No chemicals or ventilation pipes are needed which makes it very simple to use.

This ecological toilet is developed by Finnish experts. Freezing toilet quickly freezes down the waste and prevents bacteria to grow. Biocompostable sacks are used inside the waste container which makes it easy to bring waste into a normal composter.

This 100% Finnish origin product can be used year-around in households, summer cottages, renovation and working sites. This toilet is also optimal for senior citizens.

Coolcenter Forssa Ltd operates as an official equipment manufacturer (OEM) for the biggest operators on the market. Products are sold by our partners brands; Biolan Icelett and Separett FREEZE 2000.

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Manufacturing freezing toilet

Manufacturing freezing toilet


Avantopool - therapy pools

Coolcenter Forssa Ltd is manufacturer of Avantopool- therapy pools. 

Avantopool is a great feat of Finnish engineering. It is the first portable cold-water pool suitable for high-quality cold therapy and cold recovery. This pool provides natural way of refreshing the body and mind all year around, even in the comfort of your own home. 

The pool is always ready for use; just plug it in and choose whether you would like to cool down in an ice bath or relax in warm water.

Automatic filtering and ozone purification keep the water clean at all times. 

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Manufacturing Avantopool-therapy pool

Manufacturing Avantopool-therapy pool