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Sauli Hakala Coolcenter Forssa Oy

Sauli Hakala


One of the owners of our company, Sauli, manages the business with solid experience. Sauli knows the secrets of the manufacturing industry and has an extensive partner network. As the leader and developer of the company, Sauli’s focus is in the future. Good decisions are made together with the entire personnel of the company.


Marika Mäntylä

Management of Sales

Marika is a professional in refrigeration equipment concepts and is responsible for our sales and sales development. Years of experience in refrigeration equipment purchase, sales and marketing enables her to serve customers comprehensively.


Matti Moisander

Sales (imported products) After Sales & Logistics

Matti is responsible for the sales and delivery of our imported refrigeration equipment to our customers. In addition, Matti is responsible for our after sales operations. Extensive experience in refrigeration equipment, maintenance and spare part operations guarantees high level service to our customers.


Seppo Koskenoja

Product design

Over the years, variety of refrigeration equipment has been designed and developed through Seppo’s design programs. Seppo´s  efficient and hard-working approach is the basis of our fully customized products.

Olli Kankaanpää

Product design

Olli has solid expertise in 3D product design and wide knowledge on refrigeration technology. Olli’s  high creativity and ability to innovate is an excellent basis for our product design work.


Jaana Jussila

Purchase, Marketing

Jaana is responsible for our company’s purchasing. Jaana’s attentive work guarantees production material deliveries in time. In addition to purchasing, Jaana takes also care of the company’s purchase invoice handling and marketing related tasks.


Tommi Ahtola

Production / Quality

Tommi has the knowledge how to run simultaneously several different production series. Solid experience combined with an excellent problem-solving skills creates a solid foundation for flexible production. Tommi solves production processes together with our multi-talented production team. As a final result a carefully crafted product manufactured to our client.

Valtteri Ahtola

Valtteri Ahtola


As the head of the production team, Valtteri is responsible for the daily operations at the  factory and communication.


Pertti Korpi-Seppälä


Pertti is responsible for handling all our incoming component deliveries and managing the production material warehouse. Careful material management ensures our ability to manufacture and deliver in time to the end customer.

About us

Coolcenter Forssa Oy was founded in 2008 and the company’s roots go back to the manufacture of Helkama refrigeration equipment. Our staff has solid experience in design, manufacturing and sales of  professional refrigeration equipment. The company currently employs more than 20 people.

Our 3400 m² production facilities are located in Forssa southern Finland. Our product range includes CoolCollect® delivery solutions with fully automated user functions, CoolCellar® cabinets, CoolLocker cabinets and Coolcenter® customized products. We also produce high-quality WineQueen cooling vitrine products and wine coolers, as well as wine cellar solutions. Generally all our products are highly customizable based on customer’s needs. Coolcenter also offers contract manufacturing operating as an official contract manufacturer for various refrigeration products.

Coolcenter Forssa Oy - Yritys

Coolcenter Forssa Oy is responsible for the refrigeration design, product testing and final manufacturing of its products. We strongly believe in Finnish work and our own expertise in the ever-changing and evolving cooling equipment industry. With the help of our own product development department, we can offer high-quality and unique solutions that are designed in close cooperation with the customer. We also take care of the maintenance of the products. – Our customers have the full focus in all our operations.  


In addition to our own product development and production, we import a carefully selected range of refrigeration equipment from leading manufacturers. Imported refrigeration equipment range is sold mainly through our resellers in Finland, but we also supply refrigeration equipment directly to the food and beverage industry with customers graphics.

Our customers consist of big retailers, industrial companies, grocery and specialty stores, hotels and restaurants, architectural and engineering companies, housing associations, wholesale companies and also private customers. Our main market area is Finland, but we also export to the Nordic countries and Spain. Number of exported products growing each year. 

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