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Cool-combi cooler

Tefcold CC77 on tynnyrimallinen impulssikylmälaite. Suunniteltu tölkitetyn juoman jäähdyttämiseen. Mitoitukseltaan ja muotoilultaan soveltuu moniin eri käyttökohteisiin. 

  • tasainen puhallinjäähdytys
  • saranallinen, läpinäkyvä akryylikansi pitää tuotteet kylminä
  • ulkoväri tyylikäs musta, sisäosat hopeanharmaat
  • sisällä kori jakaen sisätilan kahteen osaan
  • käytössä paljon asiakkaan omilla mainoksilla teipattavaa alaa
  • ei sisävaloa
  • alla pyörät helpottamassa liikuttelua (4kpl), 2 lukittavaa pyörää
  • mekaaninen lämpötilan ohjaus

Cooler and freezer in same unit! Plug-in combi cooler COOL, with combination of cooler and freezer has an optimal dimensions for retail. It can be integrated into standard dry shelvings. Unit works with automatic defrost. Bacause of effective fan assisted cooling and freezing, operating temperatures are very stabile. Basic oclor is light grey (RAL9006), internal parts white.

Manufactured and designed in Finland.  

  • compact solution for selling frozen and chilled products in one place
  • automatic defrost
  • strong body structure, external- and internal parts painted steel
  • two separate compressors
  • tempered non-frost freezer door structure
  • strong vertical LED-lightning for products
  • glass doors with robust alu-handles 
  • electronic temperature control
  • strong and stabile fan assisted cooling
  • fully adjustable wire shelves (5 + 5 pcs) enabling loading of different products 
  • transparent shelf pricing strips included 
  • long plug cord makes installation easy into dry shelvings 
  • environment frienly refrigerant R290a


  • Gross weight: 161 kg
  • Packing dimensions HxWxD: 2400 x 920 x 800 mm
  • Loading quantity 13,6m: 42 pcs


  • Customised graphics
  • Customised color (RAL-värikartta)
  • Customised shelving solutions
CoolCenter rullakkokaappi

Roll in-cooler

Tefcold VOC100-I on päältä avoin impulssikylmälaite. Mitoitukseltaan ja muotoilultaan soveltuu kaupan hyllypäätyihin sekä keskilattialle. Laitteesta myytävät tuotteet saavat maksimaalisen näkyvyyden.

  • tehokas ja tasainen puhallinjäähdytys
  • ulkoiset metalliosat vaalean harmaat (RAL9006)
  • käytössä paljon asiakkaan omilla mainoksilla teipattavaa alaa
  • LED-valaistu mainosvalo
  • alla liukujalat (7kpl)
  • elektroninen lämpötilan ohjaus

Innovative roll-in cooling unit for standard trolley. Cooler dimensions are optimal for chilling down one trolley. Purpose of this special cooler is to ease distribution and stocking of chilled products in those areas where distribution chains are not open 24/7 and less personnel to keep store open. It also works as temporary stock before filling into shelves. This trolley cooler can be installed in very small footprint. 

Optimal in small stores, kiosks and restaurants where ordered quantities are limited. Cooler can be utilized only for dairy products or mixed. 

Cooler has a robust structure where cooling unit is located on the top of the unit. Long connection cord enables installation in various locations. Enlighted canopy (optional) on top can be used for branding the delivery channel, if used for specific product. 

Cooler operates with efficient fan assisted cooling and guarantees stabile product temperatures. It can be used for short term storage in distribution chain or as a compact mini cold room.

  • capacity for one trolley with wheels
  • electronical temperature adjustment, external temperature display
  • visual alarm on false temperature (audio alarm optional)
  • internal and external parts painted steel, floor and bottom rails stainless steel
  • machinery on top
  • inside the unit integrated handle to easy moving of the unit, see Pic
  • efficient and stabile fan assisted cooling
  • one plate shelf on the top for storage
  • door can be “set open” while filling, see Pic
  • roll-in ramp enables filling goods with roller in
  • rubber rails inside to protect walls
  • reversable door  
  • with internal led-light
  • connection hose located on the top, long connection cord
  • green refrigerant R600a
External dimensions H x W x D2200 x 600 x 780 mm
Internal dimensions H x W x D1757 x 494 x 635 mm
Net volume551 litres
Shelf1 upper shelf, size 442 x 522 mm 
Net weight145 kg
Net volume551 l
Gross volume551 l
Input power320 W
Temperature range0◦C…+10◦C
Energy consumption3.5 kWh / 24h
Noise level40 dB
Filling quantity
150 g
Temperature controlElectronical thermostat
Climate class04/N
Operating conditionsMinimum +16 ◦C
Maximum + 30 ◦C / 55% relative humidity


  • Gross weight: 153 kg
  • Packing dimensions HxWxD: 2400 x 840 x 700 mm


  • door reversal
  • canopy led lightning
  • lock
  • external and internal parts stainless steel 
  • temperature audio alarm
  • remote temperature controlling
  • led-light
  • customer graphics 
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