Maintenance and spare parts

Our service network covers the entire Finland. Warranty service must be ordered through us. After the warranty period, we can help you find the nearest authorized service center.

When ordering maintenance be sure to mention:
Spare parts for all products manufactured by Coolcenter Forssa Oy can be found with a fast delivery time. Spare parts for our imported equipment models are available with a short delivery time.

For maintenance-related questions and orders, please contact the factory first:
tel. +358 50 356 0987 or


Coolcenter Forssa Oy warranty terms for maintenance and installation services 2023


Product development and design services

We offer product development and design services and assembly for refrigeration equipment at many different levels depending on the customer’s needs. We use Vertex 3D modeling software.


Financing and equipment rental

When there is larger acquisition or regular updating of the equipment base in mind, we have flexible financing solutions tailored to the customer’s needs.

The GrenkeLeasing financing agreement is always drawn up for the customer with a fixed monthly fee, which facilitates the company’s cash management and the planning of the return on your investment. The length of the financing agreement period can be 12 to 48 months, after which the customer has the right to redeem the equipment or extend the agreement if he wishes. In addition, the financing agreement can be an open customer framework agreement, in which case all purchases go to the same agreement.

Especially when starting a new business or acquiring a larger batch of equipment, it is worth comparing the differences between direct purchase and operating lease. It is not profitable for a company to tie up capital for acquisitions. If the investment does not increase in value during its useful life, it is worth acquiring it with leasing financing. You should use the investment capital to develop your business and make purchases by leasing.