Smart collecting Automats indoor

Click&Collect indoor collecting automats are built either of modules or wall elements.

Modular Automats indoor

The products are filled and picked up from the front. 

Smart collecting automat is created by combining different modules, each of which has own individual cooling (plug-in). User Interface module operates as a controlling unit of the automat. 

We can create an automat combining modules that meets customer’s needs. The automat can be placed either in the middle of the floor or against the wall. Modular structure makes it possible to create different combinations and automat can be modified and expanded with extra modules, when needed according to customer’s requirements. Ask our sales about combination possibilities.

One module consists of 1-5 lockers with cooling, freezing or ambient temperatures or module can be a combination of these three temperature zones.

Modules have own locks installed, or separate controlling unit controls the locks and functions. Locks can be remote controlled, RFID, number, or key lock. Operation control of smart collecting automats is built together with customer to meet the needs. 

Click&Collect automat is always carefully tailored to customer specific needs.  



Above Click&Collect automat consists of User Interface and 13 modules. Colors in picture are illustrating the module temperatures.

To meet the needs, individual combinations can be built of different modules.

Examples of combinations

Ask our sales about combination possibilities.


Wall element  Automats indoor

The products are filled from behind.

Smart collecting automat can also be built of door elements of different sizes (so called “collect wall”). The number and size of the doors can largely be defined by the customer. Behind the element wall, there are separate cooling, neutral or freezing rooms that the buyer has had built separately. 

Goods that have been picked up are brought to the room behind the collect wall. Goods are filled for the customer in the cage shelves that are behind the doors. 

Our automation supplier offers his own program for collecting and gathering. 

Collect wall suits well for deliveries of food and consumer goods.

Collect wall is an optimal solution for especially renovation and new constructions, where total required space can be planned efficiently and taking advantage of layout. 

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ImageBehind the wall elements there are freezing, cooling and neutral rooms.

Find out more about different wall elements.

Wall elements



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