Snuff -coolers


Snuff products can be stored in normal room temperature but it is recommended to keep them in cold storage in order to keep stabile quality.

Cooling cabinets designed for snuss products are manufactured with optimal structure and coloring for the products. Cabinets are equipped with special self feeding shelving systems to ease the work in shops. Additionally there are many fuctional add-on features like strong led-lightning, canopy on top for merchandising puposes and USB-connecting possibilities for uploading advertisement banners. Only high quality raw materials are used in manufacturing process to achieve as long life cycle for the cabinet as possible. It is top priority to produce top functional and long lasting commercial racks into to shops.

Commercial snuff -coolers are available with several customised dimensions depending on final installation on shop. 

Snuff products are mainly exported. Product range is usually produced on exclusive basis for a certain snuff manufacturer.

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