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CoolCollect automats

CoolCollect automats are here today

Shopping via web is becoming more and more popular. Different smart collecting and delivery automats are a fixed part of webshop supply chain. We offer equipment solutions for deliveries of daily consumer goods bought via web. For these, customer can select automation by himself. Automats are responding to the changed consumer habits.

With smart collecting and delivery automats, customers can be reached better than before, and automats are a flexible solution when it comes both to time and location. Our CoolCollect range covers smart collecting and delivery automats to be used both indoor and outdoor



Indoor automat can consist of modules or wall elements. By combining cooling, freezing and neutral modules manufactured by us, we build collecting and delivery automats that meet the requirements of our customers. Especially for new buildings, so called ”collect wall” suits very well. It consists of door elements of different sizes. Behind the element wall, there is a separate cooling, neutral or freezing room. 

Appearance of CoolCollect automats can be customized according to customer’s wishes. Smart collecting automats are available with different locking and smart control systems according to customer’s needs.

Automation overview

CoolCollect automats offer many possibilities 

Smart collecting and delivery automats can be used for several different purposes: 

CoolCollect automats offer many benefits for company 

Smart collecting automats bring many different benefits for the company and organization. By using collecting automats, you can e.g.:

CoolCollect automats make lives of end customers easier

Use of smart collecting automats is regarded as a handy, easy, and efficient way of purchasing daily consumer goods. End customers can collect the purchases flexibly and quickly at time most suitable for them. Total time spent for the purchases is decreasing, and spare time is increasing leading to higher quality of life.


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