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WineQueen -wine coolers

WineQueen wine cooler for domestic or professional use

Durable Finnish made wine coolers for domestic and professional use.

WineQueen-wine coolers are real craftmanship from Finland. Wine Queen is a traditional Finnish product line for which we have Design from Finland -mark. For all Wine Queen -products we grant a full two (2) years warranty.

Wine cooler for restaurant or to home use is always a decision which needs to be considered carefully. More often choice is made based on products ecological and environmental values. By choosing WineQueen consumer is making valuable choice. WineQueen is high quality and durable product for many years to come. In production process we use only premium components which are easily available also as spare parts later on.

Highly customized features - Luxury wine cooler, wine vitrine or cellar 

In addition to standard WineQueen-models we are manufacturing individually tailored premium wine coolers, wine vitrines and wine cellars according to customer´s own specifications. Models can vary in dimensions, colors, finishing materials and accessories.

WineQueen  in home use - Fixed part of home interior

All Wine Queen products are designed so that they are ready to be installed into the furniture. Meaning that there is no need to leave extra ventilation space around the units. Partly our Wine Queen -range is available with solid door, where customer has the possibility to install his own kitchen door finishing onto the unit.