When you are planning a bigger investment or regular update of restaurant equipment, we can offer you flexible financing tools. 

GrenkeLeasing- contract is offered with fixed monthly fee, which ease administrating the company daily money flow and budget. At the same time it is easier to evaluate investment. Leasing period can be selected from 12 to 48 months, after which equipment can be redeemed or contract can be continued. Leasing contract can  also work as an open contract, where customers equipment purchases will be added on the contract at the  actual date of purchase. 

Especially when you are planning to start an own business or when there is a need to purchase more valuable equipment, it is worth to compare direct purchase prices with leasing prices. It is not profitable to use own net equity for the equipment. If the investment is not adding its value during the investment period, it is more profitable to use leasing for the purchase. All net equity addressed to company investments is recommended to be used for company development. 

  • Leasing-rental costs are completely duductible for tax purposes 
  • Leasing does not overload company´s  cash flow
  • Leasing mimimizes the work related to invoice handling