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Ice Cream Freezer


  • Run time 8-10 hours as a freezer, and up to 24 hours as a cooler
  • Charger with 110 / 230 volt input and 12 volt output
  • 12 volt battery
  • Flat solid sliding lid
  • Lock
  • Options: tricycle, standard baskets or scoop baskets, dividers; thermometer; graphics (minimum quantity required)

Toimitus: Kysy toimitusaikaa.

The Mobilux 12 V freezer or cooler is the right choice if you need mobility or don’t have power available.
You can switch between the freezer or cooler function.
It will help you to sell your ice cream, frozen foods or cold drinks in places, where this normally would not be possible as the unit can be installed on a tricycle.

It works with an input of 230 volt/ 110 volt to a charger, which supplies a 12-volt gel battery. Once loaded, the battery will run a 12-volt compressor. The battery and compressor are both well hidden inside the motor compartment.

The tricycle includes handbrake, internal brake and 3 internal gears.

The dimensions for the assembled tricycle is 210*90*118 cm (w*d*h)