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Scoop Ice Cream Freezer



  • Elegant design
  • Scoop baskets available
  • 77 mm insulation
  • Illuminated canopy (option)
  • Graphics (option)

Toimitus: Kysy toimitusaikaa.

Presentation and visibility are the key words when selling ice cream in the consumer market. Most customers make their final purchase decision on the point of sales. Therefore, it is important, that the customers notice your ice cream freezer.

With the Elcold Scoop Ice cream program, you are offered the possibility to create your own Ice Cream Freezer solution to match your needs and optimize your promotion. You can combine the standard Ice Cream freezer with the Elcold canopies (Sneezeguards).

The elegantly curved and illuminated sneeze guard attracts the customers attention with its eye catching and appealing design.