Snus coolers

CoolCenter kylmiö nuuskalle

Nicotine and snuff products can be stored at normal room temperature, but it is recommended to store the products in a cool place so that the taste and quality of the products remain consistent.


Commercial coolers for nicotine and snuff products are equipped with customized features required by the tobacco industry. Depending on the point of sale (POS), the cooler has a solid or glass door. The coolers have adjustable wire shelves or, alternatively, shelf-feeding racks developed entirely for the customer’s special-sized product. Strong lighting highlights the products and in addition, illuminated canopy and customized graphics are available, both supporting product commercializing.


Tobacco industry has also preferences regarding the materials and colors used in manufacturing of coolers. The durability and functionality of the equipment are essential.


There is several different dimensioning for coolers of nicotine and snuff products. Coolers of different sizes ensure sales space in different sales channels.


Coolcenter delivers nicotine and snuff coolers mainly to export market. For very specific customer needs Coolcenter can offer OEM manufacturing. Minimum order quantity (MOQ) for designing and manufacturing customer specific model is 100 -150 pcs.